* Below prices are for eat-in & take-away

and delivery prices are higher due to the delivery cost

Dolsot Bibimbab     14 EUR


Selection of seasoned vegetables, half cooked fried egg with choice of Bulogi (Stir fried beef) or Seasoned fried tofu.  Serves with Spicy home made gochujang sauce.

'The menu is served on hot stone pot, so need extra care

After being served, put sauce as you like and mix them by chopsticks, enjoy the sound of food still being cooked on your table while mixing them

***Only can be served in Restaurant

Sweet Korean fried chicken   14 EUR


Deep fried chicken with The bab's home made sweet sauce.  Just like other menu, the sauce is completed with Sunny's recipe.  Nuts and Spring onions on top to give you even more crispy and fresh taste

This dish is indeed the most Korean's favorite dish especially together with beer.  There is even an word for the combination, called 'Chi-mac' 치맥, shorten work of Chicken & Beer

***Take away &  Delivery available

Bibimbab    12 EUR  


Selection of seasoned vegetables, half cooked fried egg with choice of Bulogi (Stir fried Korean marinated beef) or Seasoned fried tofu.  Bibimbab comes with special home made gochujang sauce then need to be mixed all together before eat

It is almost same as dolsot Bibimbab except this is not served on hot stone pot

***Take away & delivery available

Gimbab   (9.5 EUR)


Rice roll by seaweed,

For Bulgogi gimbab

you can find rich taste of bulgogi, carrot, radish, lettuce, cucumber, panned egg and mayonnaise 

For Vegetarian,

you can choose fried tofu (vegan) instead of bulgogi.

***Take away & delivery available

Kimchi Jeon (7 EUR)


Pancake made with Kimchi

Kimchi is the most popular Korean food made with seasoned cabbage, Korean loves make pancake with the Kimchi.  This dish is slightly spicy, but with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce, it soften the taste to bit more sweetness  

***Take away available

***Delivery not possible

Jap-chae  (12 EUR)


Glass noodle made with sweet potato. Stir fried with paprika, spinach, mushroom and carrots.  3 types can be choosen, Bulgogi, friend tofu or only vegetables

***Take away & delivery available

Tteokbokki  8 EUR


Rice cake and fish cake cooked with home made spicy gochujang sauce.  Topped with spring onion and sesame seeds.  This is one of the most popular Korean street food.  Rice cake texture is sticky and foods are spicy.  If you want to challenge spicy Korean food, this will be the first step to try.  Good combination especially with Gimbab.

***Take away & delivery available

Chicken Mandu (4pcs)  5 EUR


Deep fried chicken Mandu (*Korean style dumpling) with deeping sauce.

***Take away & delivery available

Order by phone to pick-up or make reservation

The BAB Amsterdam Oost      0640391687

The BAB Amsterdam de Pijp   0611203420

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We are continuously searching for more Korean food to serve our guests

Seafood pancake


Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, traditional food that can be found in old Korean market.  Good combination with Makgulli, the Korean rice wine

As a main, good for one person or good to order to share with others.

***Served on August 2020

Special Menu

Available for specific period

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