what 'THE BAB ; 더밥' means?

Rice is a key ingredient of Korean food and based for the most Korean food except some cases that noodle is replaced. 

'BAB(=밥)' means rice in general, but also could mean meal in Korean conversation.  It is very common expression to ask 'did you have bab?' instead of 'how are you?'. Because Korean generally thinks that if someone is not feeling well, they cannot eat well.

If the rice means so much for Korean, why we don't choose 'rice-Bab' as our name?  Because it is the most important ingredient for us too


How we do?

Our menu is selected by Pyo & Sunny from variety of Korean food selections.

We selected menu that we could offer the best in quality and value at The BAB.

It is not just authentic, but what generally Korean loves at home, in the street or in the restaurant they usually go in their daily life in Korea. 

All recipes are created by Sunny Kim, mother of 2 lovely kids Ian & Eden, A lady who loves food, fashion and Amsterdam, of course. Pyo believed Sunny's food can attract anybody who loves food and together we decided to open our first restaurant in Amsterdam Oost.  After 1year, with many supports from our customers, we open another location in de Pijp, one of the most hip area in Amsterdam. 

There are still so many foods from Korea that we would like to share in the future, but let us have sometime to develop better, so we can give you more and better experiences of Korean foods.

We would like to be your best Korean friends in Amsterdam that you can trust and enjoy lives together


The real Korean place to go

in Amsterdam